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Hand hygiene


The human factor

In many companies the hygiene item has been already arranged to perfection. One weakness remains always and that is the human factor, especially his or her hands. Whether one is talking about the food sector, hospitality, hospitals and veterinary practices, good hand hygiene is essential. On any microbiological research suggests that almost everyone has a resident and transient skin flora. The resident flora is the spectrum of micro-organisms that must be on the skin because one can not be without.

The transients are the micro-organisms. Through contact with animals, other individuals, doorknobs, toilet seats etc. the transients come on our hands were they obviously not belong and in the worst case pathogenic (pathogenic) are. To counter this group you can take the following measures:

1) Wash with soap

Soap is used to remove all of the optically visible contaminants. On the market are many types available that vary in cleaning strength, from simple household soap for light soiling to garage soap on heavily soiled hands. However, previously the preference was given to bars of soap on it remain dirty and therefore leave undesirable bacteria behind that ensure transfer (contamination) of dirt and unwanted bacteria to the next user. For this reason, more and more preferred to liquid hand soaps.

2) Disinfection with a liquid hand disinfectant

The destruction of undesirable micro-organisms on the hands and forearms using a suitable disinfectant hand has grown in recent decades. This was supported by hygiene tests in national newspapers at ice cream parlours, herring stalls, restaurants etc. In almost every hospital one finds dispensers with a hand disinfectant. This hands disinfectant is almost always on the basis of an alcohol compound. The advantage of this is that it is particularly effective against bacteria and viruses, but then it needs ‘exposure time’. Repeat disinfection therefore if the disinfectant is rapidly evaporated

3) Removal of visible dirt, detergents and disinfectants of hands

As described, the alcoholic disinfectants volatilise quickly. The situation is different with the cleaning- and dirt residues. This, of course, also need to be remove from the hands. For this more paper towels are becoming in vogue. This is highly preferred over the towels that have been used for years. However, these are a source of pollution and a major nutrient medium in the transfer of unwanted bacteria. So use as little as possible!
De cirkel van de voedselvergiftiging

The food poisoning circle.
Still 2 million cases of severe food poisoning in the Netherlands.