Cleaning is removing visible dirt. This is fundamentally different from disinfection, the purpose of which is to destroy micro-organisms. Cleaning always precedes to disinfection and in many cases it is not even necessary to disinfect.


In microbiology distinguishes between the concepts of sterilization and disinfection. By means of disinfection, the number of micro-organisms is reduced to acceptable levels. What is ``acceptable``, varies by situation. Full disinfection is possible by sterilizing.


In the world come natural disasters, which can damage water supply networks and thus provide for the lack of safe drinking water. Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, but also wars can seriously disrupt the water supply. In those cases, there are workarounds.
Professional cleaning and disinfectants

Veip Disinfectants is a modern company that always works according to the latest rules, laws and understandings. Our products meet the European Biocide Directive (528/2012/EG) requirements and are legally registered at the CTGB Wageningen. We are an active member of the NVZ. 


Professional use

Unlike consumer products, our products are highly concentrated, which can rise from 50% to 100%. For example, this means that it must always be added to water and never the other way around to avoid splashing. Due to high concentrations carefully read the instructions and follow them as required.

Safe environment

By becoming a more mobile society that does not stop at our borders, a good hygiene and disinfection strategy is getting increasingly important. For the government, this leads to better health and for businesses a good strategy is important for quality of the final product, the competitiveness and ultimately economic advantage.

Production facilities

Veip Disinfectants has its own production facilities. We have fully conditioned production areas, tabletting- and packaging machines. The challenge is to add new developments, in the field of disinfection, to the whole range.