Halocleaner is a powerful neutral cleaner that tackles mineral and organic pollution very effectively. Halocleaner is frequently used for cleaning operating and lab tables in the healthcare and veterinary sector. Dried blood is removed effortlessly with halocleaner. Halocleaner is also an ideal cleaner in the professional kitchen for removing fixed food residues.

Halocleaner is low foaming, unscented and colorless. Since it contains no colorings and fragrances, it does not leave any residue after rinsing. Halocleaner can be used both manually and in an automatic scrubber. Suitable for cleaning work on all water-resistant surfaces such as tiles, laminate, linoleum, PVC, marmoleum, plastics, etc. Due to its neutral composition, polymer-treated floors are not affected.

In addition, Halocleaner is readily biodegradable in accordance with the current detergent regulation EC 648/2004.

Available in 1 and 5 liter packaging. Dosing pump and 100 ml measuring cup available.

Effective against organic material

Also for machine use

Safe for the environment

Unscented and colorless