Actisan-5L is a highly effective disinfectant to disinfect surfaces and areas that come into contact with food and beverages and the ingredients used. It can be applied, for example in the food-industry, animal care and healthcare sector. The disinfectant will battle with bacteria, molds, yeasts, algae and viruses, which makes the product particularly suitable for stables and animal transport. Actisan-5L is also used to eliminate microorganisms in water from therapeutic baths and private pools.

Actisan-5L is composed almost exclusively of active substance. This active ingredient is very stable and therefore gives very predictable and reliable disinfection results. The disinfectant causes chemical reaction (oxidation, actually a combustion reaction) with microorganisms. Resistance is therefore not possible.

The tablet form for 5 liters of water, makes Actisan-5L very easily and accurately to dose. Because of the nearly neutral pH-value, Actisan-5L for example, mist the aggressiveness of sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). Moreover Actisan-5L gives in both low and high pH values, good disinfection results. Actisan-5L dissolves easily in water (maximum concentration of 20% at 15 ° C). For accurate dosing, you can view the solution chart of Actisan-5L.

Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Only available in tablet form (40 or 300 tablets per jar).

Suitable for low and high pH values

Effective against bacteria, molds, viruses and algae

Easy dosing by tablet form

High content of active ingredients (55% active chlorine)